UGA CAMPUS TOUR! (entire campus!)

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we come tonight what is up folks my name is Ali Marwan if you haven't seen any of my videos and today I'm gonna be doing a super exciting video because it's a campus tour and I actually just filmed it but I'm doing the intro but it was so fun to just drive through campus and give you all the mini tour so it actually wasn't mini it was the entire campus this campus is huge for those of you don't know this is the University of Georgia I'm a sophomore here and yeah it's it's a massive campus let's just get right on into the video though this is downtown Athens that we're driving through I'm not really gonna go into depth on downtown it's not really that part of campus it kind of is but basically there's just a ton of shops down here and you know restaurants and stuff like that there is a really good restaurant called wings over you just pass it but it is so good why I highly recommend going there's a chick-fil-a down here there's Ben and Jerry's there's just a ton of fun stuff to the left is the arch I can't move my camera so you can't see it but I will show you I'm gonna go ahead and turn right even though that's gonna bring us more into downtown I want to show you the arch and stuff so we're gonna turn right all right so this is going into downtown or in the center part of downtown on like the left you'll see the Georgia theatre you can see it better right now but that's the Georgia theater so a lot of fun concerts and stuff happen there alright so here is the new trick fillet on the right but if you just keep going straight this is North Campus as you can see on the right side of the screen that is the arch and this is like historic North Campus oh there all the students go crossing now I have to try to turn and not hit anyone they're so great at walking and crossing the roads this is driving into campus so as you can see downtown it's like pretty much on campus but this is when you're actually getting into where classes are so on the left is like called Mahal I had a day in there first mr. freshman year and it was horrible but nonetheless a great part of campus there's also Gilbert Hall and just a bunch of random halls essentially and we're getting into the part of campus that has the dorms and bowls and dining hall and everything so that's more exciting if I can get through this red light coming up on the right is Morris Hall which some of my friends lived in freshman year I lived in a hill hall but I'll show you the hall but anyways this is getting closer to Bolton Bolton is my favorite place then there's a Fine Arts Building on the left and then we have the new eteri College of Business building on the right and then we're gonna get the left hand lane on the left is MLC and there's bulletin on the right of the screen I'm really sorry that you can't see like everything it's not 360 but I'll try and turn the camera over there is Tate over here is and I'll see over here's me and then that is Bolton which is the best dining hall in my opinion if you go to UGA comment below what your favorite dining hall is I just like Bolton because they have a lot of different options and it's also like the most convenient location ever because it's where most of my classes are but this is also the Bolton crosswalk where students just really need to get across so yeah to the left is a tape parking deck and then to the right is the hill hall parking lot and no hallway I lived my freshman year it was such a convenient location because it was right by Bolton so we're passing Hills Hall and then the next Hall is Church Hall this holy smaug's so there's just a lot of holes here I'll show you the other hole doctor I'm going to go ahead and turn left so I can go down the street with a stadium on it here we go here is the stadium folks you see it this is the journalism area this is actually where Grady is which is my major I'm an advertising major so this is the Grady building right here and again to my left Kate hates just everywhere and then if you were to go straight on this road which I can't because there is no Road so if you were just to walk straight which sorry there's a huge bus you would just be going to North Campus where we just where where the arch is and everything gonna be turning left to go back to where we just were near Bolton so that I can then turn right and show you oh house and Cresswell and Russell and all those storms over there I think I see my friend he's over there eating a cookie I have to turn to write so that I can show y'all Oh house and everything but I'll go and show you my arse watch it when we go to ECB anyways this is a house right in front sorry it's a little shaky if you turn to the right hopefully you can see it but that is a house dining hall okay host dining hall then Oh house then we go around here there's a lot of parking spots and such okay so Creswell Brussels and past rustle way over there is Brumby those are the three high-rise dorms and in case you wanted to know now I'm going to turn right again and gone literally the exact same street we've been on like two times already but that's just because I needed to show you guys that because I'm sure a lot of people are interested to know where Creswell and all the high-rises are passing as well right now but if you were to turn to the right that's Mel Hall right there and then the dorm that's right here is Lipscomb and then we're back at Bolton and now I'm turning right to go home exactly where free Finn this is a better view though obtained MLC so on the left is mlc and on the right is hate so tate is actually where wesley is on wednesday night if you are at UGA are gonna be at UGA i highly recommend going it's a campus ministry and it's absolutely amazing I do Wesley and freshly freshly lasers for freshmen I did it my freshman year but I am a prayer leader right now for freshly and it's just awesome so I definitely highly recommend plugging yourself in to those campus ministries we're gonna turn right oh would you look at that we're back in Hill Hall Wow turning right and this is when you get over to the Myers Kuan area so this is like honors housing and other stuff really great explanation but these are dorms to your right and then right there to the left this is Snelling selling is the only dining hall that is open 24/7 except it's not open on the weekend sadly but I remember going there a lot freshman year just like when you would have cravings at night so it's great but now we are gearing towards Deccan Coliseum so segment is where the gymnastics meets are a basketball games are and other sporting events but it's super cool looking and then to the left is SLC the science learning center very great very great to the right is where the you know cheerleaders and football players and stuff like that work out it's the training facility I actually don't know if the football players worked out we're working out there but some athletes do I don't know who though okay we're getting into East Campus if you are looking at being a vet this is where you would be sending your time when if you got into the College of Veterinary Medicine so to the right is the vet College to the left is the Plant Sciences Building and then a little bit farther up that building that hello North South bus a little bit farther up the building on the left is aderhold Hall which is the College of Education so I also was an education major for a hot minute one semester to be exact and I spent a little bit of time in there the animal health research center they also sometimes have forces there which is really cool if you were to turn right you would go towards University Village crossing these train tracks leads us into East Campus so that's where the gym is Ramsey that's also where a lot of UCB dorms are and ecv dorms are apartment style so that's pretty cool and it's also where the Joe Frank Harris dining hall is Joe Frank Harris is probably my second favorite dining hall it's got these personal pan pizzas that are absolutely just a wonderful Joe Frank Harris dining hall is directly in front of us right now and it's super great there's also like little lounges and stuff in there to sit on and do homework and everything but a great dining hall I really enjoy it around ECB is this like loop oh no there's a police officer thoughts that we're good you're looking to the left that is Ramsey this is the gym but this is not the entrance it's like the back end of the gym I spend a lot of my time here just kidding but why are we stuck there is a police right there but I don't know what's happened well there's a dog oh so cute anyways to the right is the University Health Center if you ever get sick or what ever you can go there I actually have never been to the health center but hopefully I'll never have to go to the right is something that anyone who's taken at work EGA is familiar with that is the visitor center so when you first get to the campus that's where you're told to go to start your tour so y'all probably if you took a tour here that's a familiar sight but then you go around this loop and we're heading it towards the ECP dorms in front of me is the 80s meet science technology center have no clue what that is I just read the sign that was in front of it if that's something you're interested in I'm glad I could tell you where it is this is the ecv deck the parking deck and then right here are the dorms so again they're apartment style usually the athletes live here I know Jake from looped here last year I still have yet to see Jake from I know he goes here but I don't believe it because I've never seen him anyways so yeah those are ecv dorms they're really cool actually like I said this is just a big loop around ECB so if you turn right that's the like Art Museum School of Music Performing Arts Center and all that stuff really the arts area and we're back at ramsey which is there and Joe Frank Harris Dining Commons the last place I'm going to show you is millage which is the street with all of the Greek houses on it so it's kind of a bit aways from here and it seems to me like there's a lot of traffic I'm gonna take a shortcut so that I don't have to go deal with this traffic I actually am kind of taking you towards University Village it actually starts right here so this is University Village housing but it goes on for a while like it goes a little like a lot farther down this street on the left the intramural field so a lot of people play like intramural soccer and just a bunch of intramural sports there's the intramural parking deck which a lot of people park at because very cheap it's a lot cheaper than to park in there than anywhere else on campus so a lot of people choose to park there but we're turning right and we're kind of still in uve the University Village these are the houses but again like I said they go on for a while so I'm taking you to millage now so we're gonna keep going straight and now I'm on millage here we go folks so millage is a very long street we are in five points right now a lot of places to eat and a really huge intersection which is why it's called five points because there's five different roads trying to get getting through this area so if you turn right that would take you to campus it would actually take you like near Hill Hall and stuff like that so the left is the a/o pie house sorry I forgot to turn the camera and there's a lot of frat houses too but I have no clue what they're called that's tried out the other frat house I don't know who that is here's another frat house I don't know who that is either on the left is the PI Phi house and then on the right is Zeta Tau Alpha woo bill Pi Phi when my friends – Julia isn't Phi Phi and she's so sweet oh here's another frat house and they are sitting on their roof very interesting it's very funny to go past these frat houses and just look at what they're doing it's very entertaining they're great people that is a frat house that is the Kappa Delta house if you want to go Katie that's where you'll be keep on keeping on through millage it's a super long street and if you do rush in the fall for sororities you do have to help here's the Sigma Kappa house do have to run down this street for rush and it's very tiring I remember sweating a lot but that is the Alpha Gamma house right here it's very beautiful it's got a very nice pink tree gorgeous and if you were to turn right that's Baxter it's the street that Creswell and Mel and Lipscomb and Russell and Brumby are all on this is the Kappa Kappa Gamma house this is the gimmefive beta house here's the Delta Zeta house here's the kayo house Delta Gamma house and the Phi Mu house and then the D Phi e house is here and that is really the end of like campus millage millage still goes on for a bit and that's where like Dunkin Donuts isn't everything but this is kind of the end of like the campus so I really hope y'all enjoyed seeing campus I hope that this video was informative and as least confusing as possible because I know that this campus is super huge and I feel like it was confusing explaining where everything was but I hope actually seeing me driving through it helped so if you want to see specific parts of campus or maybe even like another campus tour or something like that let me know and I'll totally do it thank you all so much for watching and I will see you all in my next video bye everyone have a great day hug Oh