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yes I do es with the scriptures where my people repent don't take my County's 4-h Austin is this needed is less y'all gonna know when we preach it in there yes that she has yes that's that this trap manacles act like I don't feel it forced to believe it is America dreams to the sixties of my opinions talk that I have a lost age and I'm just supposed to be content with what's done is done and that's in the past and accept these terms and conditions when they robbed murdered serving wait just judgment these need is being discovered about these are uncle troops this loose a yearning from my sister's spirit where no physical yeah this is biblical keep these laws so as the Esau paper although we've been at rice eighty-three birth to four low not enemy mega promote a load on enemies make a tremor out the enemies are the nation's because most I didn't choose the nation to drink the most I chose us so the other people are our enemies going to save people that we were sold to for disobedience come on in Dengeki kind of lifted up their hand and the other nations hate us and they have lifted up their heads against us man they have taken crafty counsel against our babe you have no idea about the crafty counsel the nation's I'm taking this to destroy us put us on the level of ignorance that you see us in now you have no idea the deep research and the deep think tanks that they come up with and they sit down and flap and plan on how to keep us destroyed that's what this talk about read it again they have taken crafty counsel didn't just take regular counsel crafty counsel we against our people against thy people against the Israelites and concern against our hated what we have consulted against I hidden one we're the hidden ones because what we are the Israelites but nobody knows that that's right you know what going in the church come up praising Lord Jesus right Jesus than meanwhile the book that they're being from is talking about you guys the rest of us get then I teach you that that's what it says the heddle Jason when people look on the Jews where they look like ran down the bottle the other set of people look like that in the bud all throughout the Bible Christ the most rappers back they come he let us cut them out from the relations they said come and let us cut them off from being a nation that the name of Israel may be no more every memory now where's the brother go you want the ex question come let us cut them out and that's happening Satan is trying to rule your way and you use your old woman you use your all right as fall upon the crab guilty that's a shame of Israel maybe no more every member that the name of Israel may be no more in your mind so when people ask you what the nationality you come up with I'm an African American I'm a black man I'm a nubian I'm Egyptian you come up with everything but except you are so that's how you became hidden because the real nationality of who you are has not been told in there that's why you call it I can become here because the nations have come together and conspire to make sure that you lose the name different give me outside wanna clean up again go back to that wonderful we're sorry sound a dream for me later for their sake come and let us cut them off from very nice first real mystery they are taking crafty counsel against a people and taking crafty counsel against the guards people some of the crafty counsel as they changed an image it is searching images sleep you're going to ask yourself if you have a plantation with 300 slaves how could one white may control all 300 slaves it's almost impossible but it gave us this image right here now the whole lot up swimming many of our people are women our souls are mothers and fathers you ask them who is this what will they tell you oh Jesus Christ here we go here's a book from the so you might think oh you're talking crap here's a book called Russian icons it used to cost $80 now the book goes $400 why because black people get wise tomorrow when you go to the back of the book this is a Russian what color do you see Jesus Christ here what do you see the monks doing painting them like this villain crap universe again verse 3 for they have taken crafty counsel against our people and crafty counsel is so deep how deep is it that is from the time of slavery there was campaign to paint all the black images of your ancestor our ancestors right now we want to be going to church Church today is what's that white supremacy to the utmost black ministers teach this that this is Jesus you ask the question why are not black men in church because we have no have no place in church get us we're just anything good is white where's the black man's image in church we don't exist so black men only need some black men going to church sorry got to be in feminine cause why most women throw the church then you get these you see the choirs won't fill with homosexual men then you try to bring our brothers back back to the truth you're the Israelites this look at this image here look at all these images now I'll show you got a dolphin Christ on the wall yeah like I want to show you some more bear with me that st. Nicholas nothing around like that you got to flip through these books and see now in the beginning of the book the title you there might have been a fire that burn them but now it's not true there's no fire at burning images up okay I have taken crafty counsel I guess that people are when the Bible says they have taken crafty counsel against our people the United Nations building all those nations are against our people coming back to the Israelites right because the prophecy says when we return these lights Jocelin Christ returns that's right all right let me ask you a question system they don't intercept say or you say right how many are you saying she said yes are you saying I was doing her ass she said she is safe right you'll be luke chapter 1 I'm soy sauce go sister come come come come Luke chapter 1 and I'm gonna start verse 71 because I love these girls I'm saying I'm Holly go Phil I want about the hand of understood whatever so now as you read the cards come on baby you got the one card everyone watch this yeah we should be saved from our enemies and from the hand of our halo then we should be saved from our enemies are our enemies and from the hand of all yeah hello so are you saying no you're not see if the reality we gotta come to when I say we still in captivity here's the next question who are your enemies she said why you agree with that some way Huyen you know who are you anybody's game yes you were Oh No let's do 60 yes rightfully how do we as a people get to America Jamaican accrue be how do we get over here he said both how do we find the plane oh was it a yacht work out of a slave ship right yeah let's see if that's in the bar we're over 28 perfect yet lobsters in the launcher lady if you're eager rookie and a lot shall bring you into Egypt the word Egypt is Greek it means what it means bondage I'm critter get in the Lord your baby into Egypt again and the Lord shall bring you into bondage again with with my wheelchair it ships free by the way we're a bank did he by the way we're all of us speak unto thee the star shall see it no more again you would not see your homeland again read it down hey there yet you got off the slave ships you should be solved until you're editing who would we be sold to your enemy so who is the enemies that we were Sultan oh I know you will my people one of us what if the contact we're talking about right now again for any integer of the word age of sustenance 1 million in the launcher brainy into either a gamer will ship with ships how do we come to learn from beginning cannibal slaveship right now when we really fun party right we run away well as bacon today because Moses prophesied war no answer if you break God's laws you going into slavery on ships we were like that's never gonna happen us what they'll just see it no more again Oh Mary if there you shall be sold until your enemy Barney Barney which means slave men and women are women me slave women be and no man is your bar you can no miss your body needs nobody shall save you that's why your many black leaders rise up and try to save us they could not Malcolm X assassinate gold King sassanid Marcus Garvey eggs out and die poison nobody can say this one Savior who is he go back to loopner so now you understand it disrupt you go to school the oscillation flanges yeah yeah you don't understand this is our history look 171 here's the second charge of 1% were thought that we should be saying from our enemy in from the head of how that hater purpose of Jesus Christ is to save you from your enemies and from all those that hate you you're taught in church everybody loves you what if everybody loves us why we the last high the first fire that's right everybody loves us lighting up the worst education you understand now let's go back to this book it show what you got so much gap and in this in this in this archeology book that was how it was 81 it stated and how much is about four four hundred dollars that's crafty counsel that out cover earlier because I mean legal spend that kind of money on a book exactly so they know what they're doing and before I talk about this just for a second and watch the assistants expression when the brother read out of that Bible about relationships because you've never heard that before how long have you all of you in the church I love it all your life that purse has been in the Bible ever since the Bible was written okay that's a beaut us in this book here like I said these are photographs of saints and angels and people of the Bible and they have amazing surgeon onset and I painted throughout all Europe and in Russia they have relics of these photographs I've made of these paintings what is what is this right how to write look at this who is this right here the Archangel what you'll see the one dozen ones that came just when I came to Mary and told us she would have a son intend to name him safely I'll blacken all the ranges of the Bible of black but the crafty counsel who's this little baby okay really psych the point is Gabriel this one is Mike my Delta one is Michael this is Michael here now the other one is Gabriel but the point is they're black John again I want everybody to see this and then all the rules these are the rulers in Russia in the late seventeen hundreds allowing I think all the slaves came from Africa as a lot that is a lie some came from Africa some of the last ones came from Russia and this is what this book is showing that's why when you read a book called uh before the mayflower by the room that is genius he said the first thing that came spoke Spanish because those were the Moors in Spain those were Jews those were his relate Tuesday will be was balanced poor we ruled the earth that's right but and because of our sin got a lot of to be counted and made slaves it that's our history we have the greatest history on the planet this was their sin what was who said the boys more and more we was doing all kind of weakens a lot just saw the movie on with Mel Gibson those were supposed to be black men all that stuff for the Kings are they said um when a King had the deal sexually with your wife first before you deal with this with us all of that we would even some more sizes I gotta go gotta go and that's what happened now Joe 924 get back to that first investigated yeah if you watch this job chapter 9 verse 24 the art is given into the hand of the week that is giving it to the hand of the wicked man and answer supreme wicked whose ruling hurt whose one on earth no we now we are house I gotta pay bills who's willing to hurt you will do what they want on the server side are you scared to say the white man America rules everything you don't watch the news give me to the hand of the wicked come on he covered the faces of the judges no he covered the faces of the judges that's what I was explaining earlier Hey I campaign against piracy for lack of better words when it painted all the black images white that's how they kept the slaves at bay that's why your mothers and fathers we worship a white we had the only nation who has a God don't look like them gonna say that I'm scared and it give you a homosexual man this guy Caesar was a real man hold on hold on hold on now in the Bible let me I've done it that's the Bible describe Jesus Christ you see ya waiting look like we run here he's wagging chase wait wait a minute so you know that the Bible says don't watch women's these work pieces helping us write really privileged one you know what would happen i'ma tell you mine I got a cousin I got a cousin who's a minister yeah what I'm sharing which I share wouldn't notice that he said am i teach the truth bleep yes man that's my afraid of they're afraid of truth that's come on nice and help workers one the road like that Jesus Christ 14 is here it is hell but what like whoa my bully hair Christ Henry are you are 505 I like this I'll show them this tournament this is Peter and Paul shown here course we can see it now gonna get our ball I'm over the star that's the applause see Peter and Paul Peter right here right they will always paint a plaque always does everybody be right all the way from the Russellville oh you got something you got told yes that's the what about show guys if you talk to kids that God Christ and the Israelites look like this guess what then what would it start going black cry he goes when I saw you I wouldn't look at you like a nigger I said that's my brother I did he's Angela I would call our sisters bees and holes I say this is my sister here just crafty counsel that's right hate each other each other – finebros so here john looked at Christ's feet your feet is the same color as yours in your face now the song of songs I don't go to third Mustain is black upon me I can't be right I gotta see it for yourselves my skin is black Kapaa this has been in the Bible we eat all the time right I skin and so are they talking about his feelings brush or telling me is they just don't discuss these things in Canarsie against you that's what I need y'all understand what is it you are the greatest people on earth Christ is coming to redeem you my wife I know but you're loyal proving that these are actually a Bible as long as I'm in a church because the church is founded on white supremacy and system if you pay TD jakes I'm gonna give you an example ha ha what is it hooking up the treatment we remember when the blacks left arm help me out here you are your Lee's they were going to cross the bridge right the whites had shotguns they said I can come across with but you had starving blacks over won't the president's name Bush look at creflo dollar TD jakes to go over there and calm black people down his car his Negroes calm them down you had starving babies had no food common bond common duct of who's gonna write if you ain't no fool when you're right so instead giving giving a refuge it's a sec don't gonna goof to cool down there the common bags pacifier exactly meanwhile my baby still hung right Oh what toilet give mr. Feeny I'm going to deal with your pasta passable are they part of the organization to name Rita formerly known as Michael three and alone isn't gonna Sinatra passes the hair down judges sorry will the heads thereof judge for rewards in the priest Dale Tate for high and a priest teach for higher we in the profit down divided for money and a conference divine for money this is your ministers of your pastors they're all paid to keep you asleep so that the rising giant will never rise that's right we are the greatest people on earth I get on Santa steer go to my 821 and we're not great just because we say it right this you know everybody read this book every day they reading about your father drama and they go anywhere admit they black or they write here I do my age 21 come on chop to a lot more people Jeremiah Jeremiah saying I am black Jeremiah I always call us in the Bible yeah but it's hidden from and our people don't like to read because we think the white man wrote this you heard that before yeah let me ask you that's the hottest the King James Barr's me then you it's an – yeah yeah – got it let me ask you this bro they say if you want to ever hide something with an important book because our people don't like to read our people now in the Egyptology say white man wrote that book based on what we've read so far did the white man right no it was again number oh the white man was so cocky alone cause what in slavery what we allowed to read early on we went out alone how do we learn now how did we learn the Bible of slavery the right there was telling them not that's what I was looking at a book saying it's they're making up they are worried I read in Isaiah 29 I was showing Bible prophecy that sense that I said is say they saying making you know we are right when you is come let's watch this other jump to number 13 wherefore the Lord said we're sorry sir before the Lord said for as much as there's people near me with their mouth this people just near me with them up unexplained like you and my momma go to church I love the Lord I love Jesus how people get for Santa watch this and we've got me thank you artemiy lip service but how remove their heart far for me what does it mean but have removed their heart oh okay but they won't do nothing about forsake our people go to church on Sunday which is not the day in the Lord it won't do nothing this book sex we don't watch this in the fear poor me and your fear towards God you talk about a precept of me it's taught by the precepts of men what men taught us the by my white mentors so that's why we got these images all our houses watch this yeah back to this image look here these sketches were done by Leonardo da Vinci what Pope Alexander the sixth of Rome had a son named Caesar they chose Caesar Borgia to be the Renaissance image of Jesus these are the original sketches and it's a book just a liminal book yowza Oh that'll be the crimes no not that when I went to hop on the Borgias that was jeaious by Marion Johnson and it got the sketch do to go to your library it's in there google it it's in there ah the possessed by Marion Johnston hi okay and sketches are done by Leonardo da Vinci so what we are telling you is the truth Shalom Israel I'm elder Nathanael of is really not in Christ here to announce make it plain and known to you that today in Charlotte North Carolina we have our seven school location here at 5105 Regan drive you're going to have a good time learning learning your history learning the precepts on what we need to do to repent and how we can be delivery will be delivered out of captivity so come join us here at 5105 Regan Drive in Charlotte North Carolina see you soon