Reno Trip Nevada 2017

What’s up all, welcome to the third vlog of my Youtube channel. You’ll follow me on my Reno adventure with a couple of friends. We went to bars, casinos etc. Lost a lot of footage but was able to recover some of it from the trip. Hope you all like it! Enjoy 😀

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[Applause] so you guys welcome to the third video of my youtube channel this is Carlos I go by the DJ name of DJ course yep so welcome yeah I went to Reno a couple weeks ago it took me a long time to get this video ready but here you go once again I will try to create a video as soon as possible another one so you guys can see but yeah this video consists of me go to casinos visited outlets I went to some of the bars downtown Reno and I did some other stuff too I went with a couple of friends I grabbed the Airbnb and you'll be seeing this in the video in a couple of seconds yeah if you liked the video press like hit subscribe so you can follow me on all of my adventures go ahead watch the video and let me know what you think Hey except you guys so right now we're at our Airbnb I'm just testing the GoPro because the new gym boy arrived and I'm liking it pretty much we'll see post-reduction see how it looks like but so far the screen I'm liking the whole video quality the video stabilization oh right now I'm in Reno near the surface but how about to go play something slot machines napkin funds allowed you can see only 6:55 in the morning so I've been up since like Friday many months later very close