Haunted Toledo Visits Pizza Papalis

Haunted Toledo visited Pizza Papalis in downtown Toledo last November in hopes of documenting some of the paranormal claims surrounding this popular restaurant!

This footage was shot on November 18, 2017.

This raw footage was shot for immediate release to fans and followers of the Haunted Toledo Facebook page.

Christopher Tillman
Sarah Chelten

Sarah Chelten

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(C) 2018 Haunted Toledo / Christopher Tillman

Haunted Toledo

Christopher Tillman

Sarah Chelten

hey guys they were Shelton from Hana Toledo I'm just walking around in the empty part of pizza populace right now I'm gonna take you on a little tour so you can see what we're doing for part of this visit investigation this is one of the rooms that we're doing know if you can kind of check it out it's super cool it's kind of like the attic area that's what we're doing for a couple hours first and the basement and then once closing time comes then we're going to be going into the rest of the areas of Pizza Papas so it should be a really good time tonight should be a lot of fun part of this building that is here right now was built in the late 1800s so it's a nice historical spot and beautiful downtown Toledo that looks like there's a walleye game on tonight so it's kind of busy downtown right now I'm looking out the window know if you guys can see down there well of course that's the area that not many people are but who see if I can get a good view what's down there just kind of people walking around in this rainy freezing windy night getting to the walleye areas there's not much parking in town town right now because of walleye but there is still street parking here and there so come out to Pizza poppers guys and if you mentioned that you're a fan from haunted cielito you will get 15% off your food bill for tonight only we are celebrating haunted Salido coming in here and investigating their building so again 15% off of your building of your building of your bill so they're open till 11:00 p.m. guys come out have a pizza the Chicago style piece is really good that's a good time so have you come out we'll take breaks now and then we'll be able to come down and say hi and see you guys and I'll be a good time come on out see you soon you you