Energy FC Visit to the Oklahoma City National Memorial and Museum.

“I think one thing that struck me is the idea of the Oklahoma Standard. One that is of people coming together, a great group of people, who always look to help others first.”

On this day, 24 years ago, our great city was tested but not defeated. We remember those lost, the survivors and the many heroes.

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there are four elements that I have to that receive information regarding obviously at the time in 1995 I was in England you know it was a year later when I came to the US and if you're asking me what did I really know of this tragedy not not a great deal really and I think coming to the museum today has really opened my eyes not only as to what happened then but also the the effort to rebuild and to reimagine a city after that tragic event is been remarkable I didn't know a ton about it until I moved here what three years ago and my cousin took me and my wife here and stuff and explained everything and we every time that we have family come in town know like everybody always wants to go check out the memorial and they can remember exactly where they were what happened and everything I learned about it in school middle schools Oklahoma history so we learned about that that was around maybe good old 405 and then they don't in high school I did a project over it actually I think that the spirit of Oklahoma is something that is really really strong and I think one thing that struck me today is they the idea of the Oklahoma standard one that is of people really coming together a great great group of people who always look to help of this first and make certain that if there are anybody having difficulties in their life they run to help and I think that was a story that really really hit me hard today when we went through the courthouse when they were doing kind of like the hearing and then after you heard the hearing and all of a sudden the explosion kind of happened and all the pictures of people kind of flashed up like in front of you and stuff I thought that was kind of alarming like you know you're going through out your regular day and then something like that just happens and you have no control over it or anything and it's just it's devastating but but then after you know when you look through it and go through the rest of the museum and you see how how much people came together and especially you know when it actually happened that the fact that everybody ran towards the explosion is mind blowing because I mean normally people run away from a tragic event whereas you know the people here rent to help and stuff which is I mean it's incredible compared to when I first came now when you can hear the sounds of everything that's going on we're kind of not necessarily in the shoes but you can feel the environment the hostility everything that was going on that moment and that kind of lets you grabs like the dire need of like desperation that that was felt at that time just thinking about the fact that you know parents drop their kids off at daycare you know and they think they're safe and they think they're okay and you know next thing you know it's something like this happens and they're gone we're always trying to serve the fans in the best way we possibly can I think anytime the players and the coaching staff get to understand the community that little bit better I think it's a great thing for us and I think more importantly days like today are so inspirational for all of us you know that you know we have a very privileged life we get to enjoy something that's a love affair for us it is soccer and we get to live it every single day so I think anytime you get to be reminded that people have come through real real hardships in their lives and have come out the other side smiling and positive and making sure that they keep working hard I think is always a great message for all of us I think if you're gonna you know be a representation of the city you need to know you know the heartfelt that they've dealt with and kind of show it on you know on the field or in the community that you can because it is important to make that connection and to show that you care about what they've gone through and how far that they've come even if you didn't necessarily experience it firsthand and it goes with just connecting deeply because um you know Oklahoma you know gloma City but then when you tire tragedy into it or into something deeper where you see like what the community was built off of that gives a deeper connection and deeper meaning to what you're playing for for those always it's really important that the players understand that there is a community at large and that there is a a way to serve the community as well and that is to give your best every single day for the community and for the people and for the fans and I hope that today that's the message that the players take with them