A trip to Helltown, Ohio



Oh here we are in Halton Ohio this is the end of the world road very windy reminds me of like final destination or something definitely see people getting murdered out here here I decided to come during the day so I could explore a little bit more supposedly the abandoned barn is on this road a lot Stanford house along with the end of the world I believe is at the end of this road oppression up the hall hands down this room whining curve here so this is Stanford Road just past Stanford house looking for a decent spot to park here but this is pretty much the aura of Halton Ohio it's pretty desolate with creepy roadways and stuff and I believe Stanford houses up here this looks like it might be a cemetery or maybe an oil okay one of the two runs curved it's ty here holy and I think up here is the end of the world what they call it let's figure out how that third around appear for where I'm gonna park otherwise enough to bite this road the event here all right this is the end of the world right here you can see the sign see it ends right there you can't see over the edge that's why it's called the end of the world cars hot fish and just drop off holy now I see why it's called the end of the world Wow okay we're gonna turn around and come find a way to place the park revisit this this is what I'm looking for alright so now that we're on a vehicle that's somewhat legal over here we're gonna like this one point three miles down Stanford Road till we get to the end of the world again I really underestimated the fact that I'd be doing the Tour de France to get here but uh we're approaching it it's right here one point five miles down Stanford Road off Main Street the end of the world do you see the sign definitely ride the bike down this hill one thing I will say it's remarkable is I expected to see a bunch of people and come and check it out and people walking riding their bikes and stuff in Granite's the middle of October but this place is literally a ghost town I have not seen anybody here not one person so there we go is the end of the world oh I started I might not make it back allegedly here we go it used to be an old road and obviously it was closed down because cities of Boston and Peninsula I didn't want to pay for it never fixed it's pretty sketchy Road as you can see look around there's some sketchy that happens down here probably some abandoned barns and homes and whatnot here's the old bridge here's the actual end of the world just seeing in the pictures from like the 90s and people used to go there this is where it was barricaded off previously there's a newer beer can serving people down here but here's the bridge kind of a cry baby bridge of the area and here's where the old road closed signs used to be this right here is where you see a guy on the bike always movements rockin take his dirtbike pass through so hey I might go on that pan being a let's hope a cop doesn't get me for trespassing Oh check it out I guess wonder if I should have no bike so I don't have to do here whatever all right so this is the old road he used to come through Boston Township apparently there's a van and train tracks down here all right I'll find those not down there's a river down there is where I just came from at the end of the world this is the old road that's been closed down this is continuing the end of the world so I guess I'll keep taking it see where it leads me let's go get those train tracks all right is an abandoned home slips newer kinder now this is an entire ghost town in the middle of Ohio so everything here is abandoned in spooky double padlock there's probably not too much interesting stuff in the garage back of the home windows in this house are pretty old so must be a house with 50s or 60s I believe this town was evacuated by the US government in the 60s here's the gutters laying around in the middle of abandoned Stanford Road so here's Stanford Road that's the end of the world where I just came from here's the old blocked off driveway to the old man's old abandoned barn and this is another one with slaughterhouse myths that a slaughterhouse back here used to hang meat pigs and cows and humans too apparently there it is in the distance you can see the roof that's right so let's get down and walk around it and check her out there's some old farming code Nick anybody can identify this let me know looks like hitched up to a trailer attracted somehow is to attractive hitch Wow that's awesome check out the slaughterhouse and spook out a little bit what this thing is it's an old footer for something steel roof there's a small electric lines so this place did have power some point this might be 60s era it's another concrete footer for something go over pretty sturdy structure I shut the door there's a sliding door like Bob Ballard says leave it I found it right it's creepy let's check out the vine here's the driveway well it was the driveway it's getting the barn 8 by 8 apparently a low-budget movie was filmed here too so a lot of props have been left here it news startling news too please locked me inside I'm getting the out of here top floor the red barn corner stand for the road I've heard some creepy about this but I'm like eighty-four percent sure there's a noose up there and it just got really shitty out here too so this is the Helltown barn not to try to get inside this is what they call a slaughterhouse apparently this was where they would hang the meat back in the day apparently there's a legend that uh more than just cows and pigs were slaughtered in here this is creepy during the day come you can imagine night so as of right now this is the best unveiling do for you so here we are Boston Cemetery just someone died in 1917 1936 Wow came to read somebody's 1918 1921 this right here is the Stanford family plot as you can see is Stanford died in 41 there's a Stanford that died in 2013 there's Stanford that died in 1939 these are all Stanford's look Hall this is a guy who died 50 years in 1854 these are all the original there's the guy right there who founded this area James Stanford so this is pretty interesting I mean these are old gravestones this is pretty remarkable to me the old so if you're looking for the Stanford just find a giant obelisk let's check out over here