2450 km to the "mothership"! Calgary, AB to Fremont, CA (Part 1)

We drove our Tesla Model X from Calgary, Alberta, Canada to Fremont, California, USA to visit the Fremont Factory and Gigafactory. This is
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hey guys Tesla real here and today's my birthday and we're doing yet another trip if you have been following my channel in the past year last year we went to Portland Oregon and this time around we are going to the Fremont factory and the gigafactory I'm not sure if we're able to do both but I got invitations from both accommodating a last-minute request if we're able to go – that's really cool so we're gonna document their trip first stop we're going to stop in Great Falls Montana Spring Hill Suites we'll get a 100% charge before we hit the supercharger network so we're gonna show the supercharger stops along delay if you're going south to the border from Western Canada specifically Alberta all right see you in a bit time to drive just arrived now at the Spring Hill Suites by Marriott here in Great Falls Montana as you see I'm not the only one charging I mean I'm not the only one only electric car here there's another Tesla that's also charging episode this car my car here is not equipped with the 72 mm sergeant but that's okay because we're gonna do an overnight charge the last time I was here we were in the Model S we just did a top-up we have we slept in Vic's RV park rather than staying here at the Spring Hill at the Spring Hill Suites so how did we do on our trip I'll show you so we arrived here with seven miles of rated range so we left left bridge with around what 389 kilometers we did a top-up at the P V Martin while having dinner at Costco so we arrived here with just enough range more than enough actally and no we don't mind arriving low because we'll have a good night's sleep and just charge so I'll use the charger for then that's the other Model S that's charging so now time to plug right you in yes pulsing green means good okay how long will it take to charge it since starting to charge it we'll do an initial calculation shortly 11 hours 15 minutes for a full charge approximately so that means it's currently 927 p.m. just around in time for after breakfast so we'll leave around nine ish a.m. after eating breakfast okay so now we'll get a good night's rest and we'll catch it tomorrow for her next leg of our journey to Fremont good morning it's 9:46 a.m. October 26 have a full charge and we're ready to go Thanks Spring Hill Suites for the juice and for the breakfast had a good chat with the owner of this car he drove from Sonoma California to here to drop his son off at Tom of the University and bring all his stuff and now he's also driving on the way back we might see him in our next stop hopefully at Elko so yeah Spring Hill Suites thank you very much make sure you phoned ahead so that you can make sure you have a spot reserved well they reserved this spot this spot for me with a traffic cone but we didn't we just parked next to it then another owner came by at least another one I saved ya no icing here wasn't too busy and we're now off to the beaut supercharger it says we're 155 miles away we should be able to make it with no problem we have 252 miles of rated range now that's point our navigation to Elko I think there you go five hundred and nine miles superchargers okay so let's see all right so Butte Lima Pocatello Twin Falls and then Elko all right expected arrival at around 8:00 p.m. okay we have a full charge will arrive at Butte with no problem 23% buffer that's easy all right time to go now approaching Butte Montana 18 miles 18 minutes to go we've been listening to Zig Ziglar better than good turn your car into a university on wheels it will help you yeah so we've been doing pretty much the speed limit that were around it says 80 miles per hour but the Apple speed limit is 70 there's been some light rains a lot of bugs and a spectacular view we just arrived here in Butte Montana there's a mall behind the supercharger and there is a Perkins restaurant another casino restaurant and lounge and a bunch of other eating places here yes so there's a KFC AMW so we're just gonna knock across the street to get there our next supercharger stop says here our next supercharger stuff is going to be at Lima Montana and that will be how many miles away let's say continue trip it will tell us how many miles to go so that's a hundred thirteen miles so doesn't tell us yet it doesn't tell us yet how how long we'll take the charge but you know we'll just charge here probably we'll just need half or sixty seventy percent of the battery on charge that's just enough time for us to grab something to eat no supercharging speed is now ramping up time for some lunch we now have more than enough charge to make it to Lima Montana 202 miles of rated range full battery is 250 one other Tesla pulled into charge a black Model S with Utah license plates so I guess since we're in the good ol US of A we will see more and more Tesla's as we go south and as we proceed to California let's go approaching Lima Montana just mesmerized by the beauty of the sky and the scenery and you get to see now arrived that Lima Montana we arrived around clearly something miles of range that means around 80 kilometers no 50 kilometers Lima Lima they say lima beans you know the Tagalog of there's a Tagalog where Lima that's for five but definitely there's more than five supercharger stalls here one two three four five six seven eight seemingly in the middle of nowhere but you know there's a cafe there's also an Exxon gas station and so we're just gonna check out the cafe hopefully we're gonna grab a coffee okay I just found out that you pronounce the town Lima so we're charging still at 70 kilowatts we added how many miles 140 miles now and we have 140 miles to go since we're gonna drive above the speed limit a little bit we're gonna aim for a higher buffer yep so we're gonna hang out for a little bit longer before we head off to Pocatello the home so far this trip has been very easy right there easy uneventful and guess what the Tesla Model S that we saw in Newton Montana also followed us here it has Salt Lake City plates and I wonder where they go no probably he also went to Jan's cafe snow-capped mountains it's October 26 yep and there's snow on the top of the mountains nice alright gonna head for a little bit more and we're gonna head for Pocatello with this consumption of 581 hours per mile at 4 miles per hour over the speed limit doesn't look like we're gonna make it to focus ello that's perfect because I would need to get a heat break anyway I know this scenery here looks a lot like some of the scenery of northern Canada by Alberta and Saskatchewan and to be quite honest this sound should be you know we have supercharger stops along the i-15 from Butte Montana onwards down to Idaho and Utah and Nevada all the rest of the united states and spades and it's a sketchy one you don't have anything the site from sun country chargers that deliver about 80 amps anthony 72 apps for my car few destination charges so it's a whole different ballgame down here you're able to drive at the proper speed with a proper speed limit now the speed limits are 80 miles per hour which I believe is the correct speed limit wide open highways like this and that 110 km/h 160 67 miles per hour that's too slow but here 80 miles per hour that's proper no need to exceed it 80 miles per hours perfect the flow of traffic mostly everyone has been going plus or minus tropical couple miles so we're going to do a quick top-up and Idaho Falls we're gonna you are next up at Twin Falls and we're gonna hit Pocatello as well so instead of doing one longer Chargers are gonna do several little shorter ones just a stretcher like something will be love the way that one charger for too long okay so catch you in a bit in Idaho folks okay just arrived here at Idaho Falls now charging first rule of using and establishments restroom buy something anything from them as a thank you for allowing them to use your restroom something like a snack doesn't have to be the most expensive item so Dan got a brownie yep so now we're go back to our car and we're gonna head over to tell them we're going to the Fremont factory and the mega factory yeah I heard it it's awesome too but you're not allowed to take pictures video so yeah so that's what I'm looking forward to just I just got here Pocatello Idaho it's at the Clarion Hotel there's a Burger King nearby and this is our last stop before before Twin Falls and then Elko so we're charging next to very nice-looking white Tesla Model 3 on performance model and you can tell it's the performance model from the red calipers yeah so Diane is hungry we're gonna head off to the Burger King to have some supper 6 p.m. looks like it's time to go here's that Tesla Model S that has been following us since earlier today probably on the way back to Utah and we have 215 miles of rated range so let's see what it says we should arrive in we should arrive in Twin Falls Idaho with plenty of Jews and it says you know it looks like we really need to stop a twin falls because total is 282 miles 215 miles of rated range episode we still need to do a stop no worries alright so we're gonna head off now to Twin Falls we got here now with a rated range of 41 miles we had a little detour I got confused of the directions so there's an Outback Steakhouse and there's a Ross Dress for Less in the distance that's my wife's favorite store okay so now time to supercharged think I need a jacket I need the washroom Rick our restroom break so there are 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 stalls here ok so this is our last stop before our pit stop for tonight at Elko the only one here charging will walk to that where is that Ross Dress for Less over there all right catch you in a bit looks like we're ready to go we have 240 miles of rated range that's almost a full charge and it says we'll arrive with 21% we're probably overcharged because we enjoyed too much at Ross but time to get going just arrived here at Elko the home to sweets I am a Tesla charger we arrived at 19 miles of rated range it says there'll be significantly less energy available from your battery if it gets cooler so they have Tesla chargers this is a new hotel and they have four spots for Tesla charging cool so count them one two three four no three just three well that's good so grab one and charge your car there you go yeah oh so good it's convincing don't think this has been used in a way or it has an awkward fit but come on let's try it no not this one oh this one is awkward let me try with my right hand no luck with this for this one try the other one right let's try the other one oh okay why isn't it charging still blue ready to charge check charger power I think I may have to check in with the front desk and make sure that the power is on it should charge me give it another go okay there's a red thing there it may be powered off anyway let's check in and hopefully they get to turn the power on okay so now why am I the super charger that charger at the home to sweets does not work here in Elko the manager Angela was nice enough to offer 50% off but you know I would rather have the charging at the hotel so what we decided to do was take her up on that offer as we were collecting the Hilton points and I just went here to the supercharger I'll just hang out here they dropped Diane off at the hotel so that she can take her rest well I just wait here until I get a half charger so for around 15-20 minutes alright so that should be the end of my video for today and I'll see you in the morning when we get it this is the third leg of her journey to Sacramento no to California next up for the night in Sacramento gonna see my cousin but yeah this is where we stayed home to home to Suites by Hilton the Tesla charger wasn't working so I guess they gave us 50% off for the trouble and I posted a five-star review in return they promised that next time it will be working as they have texts coming in from Salt Lake City so here's something cool we are from Alberta in our car but this guy when he came from there Alaska his tag said Alaska so we thought that we came from far this guy came from farther and we off now to win a mocha it's gonna be around a seven-hour trip to Sacramento California catch you in a bit we have now just arrived at the Wyndham mukha supercharger and this is the first time we have stopped in one of these types of superchargers this is one of the pull through stalls where you don't back in yeah so it's fairly easy the space is a bit small so I'm parked over here but the other one who will park on this stall I believe designed for disabled access use last okay so this is also a pull-through stall going inwards over here so I guess no one will park here anyway so we're good okay so there is a McDonald's they say that this Dos Amigos restaurant they is also good hang out here for a little bit and then after we're done charging we're going to head off to LA blah probably just 15 20 minutes charge there's enough for us to stretch and go to the restroom yes so I'll be all right probably with maybe 30 ish miles of range you were doing pretty much more unless the speed limit around 80 speed limit was 75 80 miles per hour for most of the trip it was uneventful just an autopilot so yeah here's what I like about this station so this is the four supercharger status hopefully we've got more when more Tesla's come up there's a Chevron gas station in the same property and behind there's literally across the street there are some other establishments nearby you can't get more American than this okay so gonna hang around here for a bit Lana and I will take some selfies by the American flag and we're going to be off to Reno Nevada just arrived here at the Reno supercharger look at all my bug killer yes this red model three just pulled in there is a silver Model S and it's nice here there is some fountains busy parking lot so Lana and I will just use the restroom here and after this we'll take a picture at the sign that reads the biggest little city in the world and this is the supercharger oh so many Tesla's this less Tesla's there's lots Tesla's that's nice it's Tesla heaven if you love Tesla this is the place you want to be just arrived here at the Rockland supercharger here's Rachel and there's so many cuz this looks like this is a Tesla store and man a lot of Tesla's so you see there is I'll show you I'll flip the camera around so there that's our car charging you see all that bug kill where there's so many other vehicles here at the supercharger there's a white Model X pulling in look at this there is a solar array as the roof of this some supercharger so actally this is being charged up from the Sun that's amazing so let's see how much charge we're getting so we're getting a full 102 kilo watts so that means the other car this is some to a the other car that's into a bead which I assume is on where is to be is this to be yes well this other car has a high state of charge if this car on to be had a low state of charge since this car came first we will have a slower charge but since this since we're getting a high charge we can only deduce that this car has a high state of charge already yeah so let's check out the tesla star and see pop up with the supercharger here on our way in from Calgary Alberta good morning from Sacramento California let's lower that music yes so last night we visited my cousin with my hands thing over there uncle just got out of the hospital he's recovering couldn't digest properly anyway hope he gets better over time it's at 70 at the surgery and we call him Superman because he's the real Man of Steel so we're headed now to Union City we're going to go to church at Saint Anne's and we're going to check into our hotel also hopefully visit the Premium Outlet close by when it comes to the Premium Outlet my wife gives her sign of approval yes so here's our here's a trip I'll show you so we didn't have a destination charger at this hotel so we're leaving with 79 miles of range so if we're gonna do is we're going to hit the supercharger the first supercharger here at Baker Ville is this a big one yeah sixteen stalls supercharger that's pretty big compared to anything we have in Canada right and then that should take us all the way to Union City what I'd like to point out also is that once you hit California there's no shortage of superchargers so if you miss this one in Vacaville you can go to the one in Fairfield or you can go to there's another one here Oh the Fremont one zero of twelve stars available it's full good luck probably want to take a video and show what a lineup looks like I guess there's Tesla's everywhere as soon as you hit the Bay Area so I think I wrote this good just the one supercharger stop at the peak of it and we'll probably have one top up somewhere there just so that we have plenty of juice to go you now charging at the Vacaville Vacaville Premium Outlets don't know how to pronounce this just like Lima right I said Lima but no Lima so grabbing some juice I want to point out something cool we're in California they have a lot of solar so they have solar panels on that canopy and they're building over there and on that building there that's the Courtyard by Marriott hotel so very cool yeah so we're gonna hang around here for a bit and head off to UM Union City in the Bay Area this is the Dublin supercharger reminds me of a Costco lineup so there is a line up to supercharged and we don't get this in Canada really so but you do get this in hey guys what's up it's Tesla Ariel here and we're at the Fremont factory we are in line to supercharged it's full yeah so there's no available spots it's good we came early our tours at 2 o'clock and currently it's just before noon so we're gonna supercharged here and we're gonna have our factory tour this is so exciting and we're gonna hang out here in order this provides intercity transportation between Calgary Edmonton and more using electric vehicles like Tesla visit in Orbis CA there call one 877 601 8747 and mention the promo code Tesla Ariel tend to get 10% off your first order